my life story: abridged

  I was born on the bayou (technically, I was born near it but “on it” sounds much cooler). I grew up in New Orleans, where I developed a zest for life and a flair for drama. As a kid, I was precocious and headstrong - I started acting classes at age 9, talked my way into a job at a local theater when I was 12, and booked my first SAG job at 15.

That’s a decision I don’t regret - I raised three amazing kids! I also did a TON of volunteer work and searched desperately for a new, family-friendly, creative outlet. Knitting, sewing, painting, piano/violin playing, writing, and editing are just a few of the things I tried, and some of those pursuits were more successful than others. I had an article published and wrote an award-winning screenplay, but if you know anyone in the market for a slightly used violin, let me know.


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I got my Bachelor’s degree in Drama/ Communications from the University of New Orleans (and my Ph.D. in Life from working as a bartender on Bourbon Street and living with the consequences of some regrettable personal decisions – see “headstrong” above!). I moved to California after college, where I continued to study acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. I worked professionally as an actress for seven years in New York and Los Angeles before deciding to leave show business to focus on raising my family.

I finally found the right fit in 2019 – stand-up comedy! I started performing in and around NYC, which led me right back to – you guessed it – acting. In the Fall of 2020, I dove head-first back into show business – because a global pandemic is the PERFECT time to restart a career, right?!  Now, I not only do stand-up but film and television too!

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